From plan to project

In FONON, at the design stage we focus on transferring the Investor’s idea or concept to the required form of documentation, which can be directed to the next stages of the project.

Whether the investor has strictly defined requirements and guidelines, or just a vision of the goal he would like to achieve, we are able to meet his needs and expectations.

We deal with the design process from the initial concept and budget phase to construction and executive designs.

Design branches in Poland and abroad

A wide range of design and planning services

Qualified and experienced design staff

Individual approach to each client

Our services:

As part of design services we offer:

Telecommunications projects

We carry out telecommunications projects from the concept stage to the execution design stage. We provide our services on the Polish and foreign markets (Germany, Austria). We direct them in particular:

For telecommunications operators

  • FTTH/P2MP networks

  • P2P networks

  • network projects within the framework POPC projects ( Operational Programme Digital Poland)

  • copper networks

  • networks and building cabling.

  • High Level Design projects (HLD, Grobplannung, Entwurfsplannung)

  • Low Level Design (LLD, Execution Design, Ausfuhrungsplannung)

  • Construction projects (formal and legal, Geneimigungsplannung)

As accompanying projects for other investments:

  • Technology channels

  • Technological optical fibres projects (for gas pipelines, oil pipelines, sewerage systems, waterworks, etc.)

Railway Telecommunication projects

We provide comprehensive telecommunications design services for railway investments

  • Platform sewerage system

  • Cable ducting and telecommunication pipelines

  • OTK cable lines

  • SDIP (Dynamic Passenger Information System)

  • SMW (Video Surveillance System)

  • TVu (Use Television, monitoring of passages)

  • VHF, GSMR Radio Planning

  • Construction projects for GSMR masts (Radiocommunication Facilities)

Railway multi-industry projects

We coordinate railway multi-industry projects from the stage of environmental decision and program and spatial concept to the stage of building permit and preparation of tender materials.

With the help of trusted and experienced partners, we work in the sectors of:

Environmental industry

Geological and geotechnical industry

Surveying industry

Track industry

Traction industry

Construction industry

Energy industry

SRK industry

Telecommunications industry

Hydrological and sanitary industry


As part of design services, our design team uses tools such as:

External tool

  • BIM methodology – project information management and its effective use

  • CAD software – creating vector drawings

  • GIS software – spatial data analysis, HLD projects

  • Atoll – radio planning

Fonon authoring tools

  • Linea – Database of formal and legal progress on a project

  • CAD scripts – tools toautomate work

  • GIS scripts/tools – tools to automate work

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